Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Family Pictures

Albion Basin, Alta, Utah
Will (11), Ben (10), Max (5) and Henry (2)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Six Months Old

Look at this cutie pie. He just melts my heart. Except that he still isn't sleeping through the night. Seriously! I'm dying over here! Shouldn't he be doing that by now? I try the crying thing sometimes, but I can't stand it. I just can't stand it!

Henry is growing up too fast. He is still so skinny, which is so different from Max. I took him for his check up last week and he weighs 15 1/2 pounds. He is only 15th percentile for weight! His head is off the charts and his height is 75th percentile. He spits up on basically everything. When will he outgrow that, too?

Mark surprised me with a new camera. We've been hard on my D40, so we upgraded to the D3000. I love it! My old camera still works, but the battery doesn't stay in due to the fact that Ben kicked it out of the car and the battery door and camera case cracked. I guess I could have duct taped it together....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just in the Nick of Time

I shut my mouth just in time...

All of my kids have been a little spitty and Henry isn't any different.

He is growing up way too fast. He loves his finger, as you can see in this picture. None of my kids have been thumb suckers, but Henry is partial to his pointer. He loves his binky, too. So, whenever I can, I replace his finger with the binky. After all, you can take away a binky!

A big milestone happened at our house today! I layed Henry on a blanket in our family room. I set him on his back, because he doesn't like his tummy. (I do give him tummy time daily.) When I came back to get him this is what I saw...

He was on his tummy and no one turned him over! I missed it! I tried to get him to do it again, but to no avail. He's growing up too fast! I am enjoying him so much. Even when he spits on my face. I was just holding him above my head, trying to get him to laugh. I was asking for it!

Tonight we had a little event in our neighborhood. For emergency preparedness, our area is divided into small groups with a group leader. Tonight we had a block party with special guests. The mayor of our city, the big command motorhome, the swat team, and multiple other police/emergency vehicles. They drove up with their sirens blazing and the kids were in heaven. It took place right in front of our house. I love our neighborhood. There are so many kids, they run in herds. We have such great neighbors and everyone loves each other. We are so lucky!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Max 3 years

I've been such a slacker at getting Max's pictures professionally taken. I think that always happens to the 3rd and 4th children. Our cute friend Mindy was taking his picture and had him sit on this suitcase. She was trying to get him to laugh by telling him that he was breaking the suitcase. He didn't think it was funny and got his feelings hurt. He is so tender hearted. We love Max! He is a joy in our family! If only his older brothers would stop teasing him.

Baby Henry 6 Weeks

Henry is such a darling baby boy. We all love him very much and are so happy that he is in our family. He is just starting to "talk" to us. He is always happy and will always smile, except for when he thinks he is starving to death. I can't wait for him to laugh!
He is a joy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Four Weeks

It's hard to believe it's already been four weeks.
He still mostly eats, sleeps and poops!
We love him and are so blessed!